Terms & Conditions

The BELET VIDEO service, which allows users to access, find and view videos and other content (for example, YouTube content), hereinafter referred to as the Content, is operated by the Jan Technology Business Company, registered and operating in accordance with the laws of Turkmenistan (Tax Code : 102211004320), located at st. G.Kuliyev 38, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The BELET VIDEO service provides access to certain Content in the BELET VIDEO mobile application in exchange for a recurring monthly fee, hereinafter referred to as the "Paid Service"

Any use of Paid Services is governed by this Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use of the Paid Service of the BELET VIDEO Service, hereinafter referred to as the "Terms". The Terms also explain how we process your personal data and protect your privacy when using the BELET VIDEO Service. Please read the Terms carefully as each time you place an order for a Paid Service you agree to these Terms.

Account registration

Registration of an Account in the BELET VIDEO Service is made through a Google account.

PLEASE NOTE: The BELET VIDEO Service and Jan Technology store on their servers only your email address, your Google account avatar and a list of channels to which you subscribe to YouTube. We do not in any way have access to any of your other personal information and do not share it with third parties.

The app uses third party services that may collect information used to identify you.

Ссылка на политику конфиденциальности сторонних поставщиков услуг, используемых приложением:

Availability of Content

Paid services include a subscription to the BELET VIDEO Service based on the service functions and other services that Jan Technology may offer. Paid service allows you to purchase access to Content provided by third parties. You can view the Content while online using a broadband connection and logging into your Account on the BELET VIDEO Service. Authorizing and deauthorizing a device requires you to be online. Due to restrictions from our content providers, Content may sometimes be unavailable for viewing.

By purchasing a subscription to the BELET VIDEO Service, you will have access to the Content. We may choose to periodically update the Content we make available through a subscription, and some content items may become unavailable. You can only view content as part of a subscription when you are online, with a broadband connection and logged into your BELET VIDEO Service account, but in some cases you can access content offline for limited periods of time.

Geographic restrictions

The content available under the Paid Service is currently only available in Turkmenistan. You agree that you will not provide false, inaccurate, or misleading information by attempting to present yourself as a resident of a supported country, and you will not attempt to circumvent any restrictions on access to Content.

Removal or inaccessibility of content

In certain cases, the Content available as part of a Paid Service may become unavailable due to restrictions on the part of our partners who license such content to us, or for other legal or political reasons. In the event that this happens during your use of the Paid Service, you can request a refund from your balance as described below.


You must only use the Content for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree not to use the Content, in whole or in part, in connection with any public presentation, even if no fee is charged.

When you use a Paid Service, you cannot:

  • Use the Paid Service in an illegal manner;
  • Transfer access to your account in the BELET VIDEO Service to someone else so that he can access the Content that this person did not order;
  • Copy, sell, rent the Content;
  • Bypass, reverse engineer, modify, disable or otherwise interfere with any security technology that Jan Technology uses to protect the Paid Service, or assist anyone in doing so;
  • Access the Paid Service in a way other than that authorized by Jan Technology.

Other conditions

  • Paid services include videos and other content (such as YouTube content). If you find any content that you believe is not in line with our Community Guidelines, please let us know by following the instructions here.
  • Complaints and / or feedback about your experience of using the Paid Service can be sent to Jan Technology at the address indicated in the first paragraph (with the note “Attention: Paid service in the BELET VIDEO service”). You can also contact our customer support team by email:
  • You should take all reasonable steps to protect your account and maintain your privacy. You are solely responsible for the activities that occur in or through your account, and for your use of the Paid Service, any breach of your obligations under the Terms, as well as for the consequences (including loss or damage of any kind that Jan Technology ») Any such violation. If you find out about unauthorized use of your account, follow these instructions.
  • You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the timely replenishment of your balance in the BELET VIDEO service.
  • We provide the Paid Service with reasonable care and skill. Nothing in these Terms limits any rights that you may have under consumer protection law that cannot be limited or excluded. In accordance with applicable law, except as provided in the Terms and Conditions, Jan Technology is not liable for business losses (including but not limited to loss of profit, loss or reputation, and any loss of business data).
  • The laws of Turkmenistan shall apply to any dispute regarding these Terms or the Paid Service.